Our Culture

Humble Beginnings

Eikonic founders Martin Truong and Jessica Hoach were only 17 when they first met and dreamt about creating a company where everyone was appreciated and offered a friendly environment where both employees and clients would love to go to.  

After getting married at the age of 23, the couple had a rough start in their careers due to lack of support, resources and education in the beauty industry. Navigating through outdated business models and mentalities they founded Eikonic House of Barbers and struggled in their first years of operation trying to ‘revive’ the lost art of barbering, meanwhile exploring different ways to empower and train their team.  Their unwavering commitment paid off as their success is evident, as Eikonic’s accolades include:

  • A nomination by the Brampton’s Board of Trade for Business Excellence and Leadership
  • Named Top 200 Best Managed Salons in North America 2016 & 2017 by Salon Today Magazine in the categories of Technology, Growth and Culture.
  • Winner of the ADP Canada Small Business Grant
  • Published in a number of editorial magazine publications

Today, husband and wife powerhouse Martin and Jessica are considered leaders in the barbering and beauty industry. Their innovative approach to management and commitment to raising the industry standards has propelled Eikonic as a brand synonymous with professionalism, creativity, education and a commitment in caring for it’s people. Their motto #peoplematter captures their culture of building positive relationships within their team, their customers and community.

The Academy - A Word from the Founder

Hire for passion, train for skill. This has always been the Eikonic way.

Congratulations on considering to pursue a career in the cosmetology industry. Beauty is a rewarding, vibrant, creative and compassionate playground that allows you to make a difference in the world we live in.

When you make someone feel great - it’s instant gratification. After obtaining my cosmetology license, I was inspired by the art of cutting and barbering and quickly realized that there were no official avenues to continue my education.

In the years to follow, my passion for the craft and unwavering desire to innovate has led me to develop the Eikonic Cutting Systems/ Barbering System - a method of men's haircutting that combines traditional techniques with the advances of modern technology.

At the core of the Eikonic Barbering System/Eikonic Cutting Systems, is the respect for balance, body positioning, foundation and structure - universal elements and techniques any aspiring barber-stylist would need in their repertoire for infinite creativity. My proprietary techniques for fading and blending have borrowed it's roots from my other passion of the visual arts. Ideologies such as cross hatching, pointillism, perspective and geometry takes centre stage resulting in precise, efficient techniques and trendsetting styles for real people.

Early in my career, I have been fortunate to have wonderful mentors who led me down the right path of education. Today I am ready to give back and share my secret to success and help passionate people like you start a successful lifelong career in beauty. My team of talented educators and I look forward to personally meeting you and helping you on your journey as a future/aspiring professional.

Lets inspire greatness together

“My mission is to help you learn the art of barbering so you can confidently cut mens hair and change the world - one haircut at a time.” Martin Truong, Co-founder Signature of Martin Truong