About the Workshop

We understand that everyone learns at a different pace and through unique learning styles. Our instructors (creative coaches) are thoughtful and patient in their teaching style and incorporate a number of delivery methods to cater to the various learning styles. Whether you are a visual, aural, verbal, logical or physical learner, rest assured we won’t stop until you get it.

Delivery Style

This rigorous 4-day workshop will cover key soft skills as well as a step-by-step approach on how to successfully complete a men’s haircut from start to finish. 

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Areas of Focus Include

  • Scissor Handling

    Different techniques and properly handling for scissors, an essential skill for every barber

  • Equipment Skills

    Picking the right tools for the job, and how to maintain them so that they always perform at their best

  • Equipment Knowledge

    Pros and cons comparison between different power tool manufacturers and models

  • Consultations

    Asking the right questions will help you deliver a successful haircut during your client consultations

  • Posture

    Proper body posture and positioning for accuracy and to eliminate strain on the joints

  • Hair Finishing

    Blow drying techniques and how to use different products

Progressive Learning

Haircuts are taught and practiced on manikins and live models. You will work on live models on the last two days of class.

In this workshop you will learn 9 commonly requested hair applications in the barbershop. Our step-by-step progressive approach means that each haircut becomes the base for the next. You will see the logical progression from one haircut to the next and understand how small adjustments can lead to a variety of style options.

Our step-by-step approach and small instructor to student ratio means that you will have the needed support close by to oversee your technical execution. 

What to Bring:

  • Clippers
  • Combs
  • Trimmers
  • Blow dryer
  • Spray water bottle
  • Scissors (optional)

Tools and tripods are available to borrow. All we ask is that you bring an open mind!

*The Eikonic Barbering Workshop has been screened by the Ontario Private Career Colleges to be compliant.

Advance Training Programs

  • Eikonic Barber Foundations
  • Guest Artist Network (we will feature different artists from time to time when we host)
    • Rocky Vitelli: From Ordinary to Extraordinary Editorial Ready
    • Cathey Salerno:  The Picture Perfect Bride