YS Park

YS 60G1 Super G Series Round Brush 60mm


Super G Series Brush - 60mm

1 Lightweight teak wood handle and boar bristles with heat resistant polyamide pins.
2 Pins smoothly grab and straighten the hair, while short bristles create gleaming curls with a high finish.
The white boar bristles hold a firm grip on the hair while the long polyamide pins prevent the hair from getting stuck (easy rotation).
3 The space between the bristles makes the Super G Series ideal for creating curls.
4 Its hexagonal shape and the holes in the handle prevent your hands from sweating, and ensure an optimal, ergonimic grip.
5 The bristled end of the brush are longer than the standard bruhs, allowing more hair to be blow dried at a time.
6 Available in 52mm, 56mm, 60mm and 65mm.

A distance of 2-3cm must be kept between the brush & the hairdryer. If not enough space is kept between the hairdryer and brush it will cause damage to the hair and will cause the pins to melt.

Do not wash wooden Y.S. Park brushes with water. If wood based brush accidentally gets wet, let it dry naturally.

When cleaning the brush of excess hair do not use a fine tooth comb as it will pull the pins from the brush. Instead use the tail of a tail comb to pull the hair from the brush.