YS-DB26 Y.S. Park Dragon Air Styler (Choco)

YS Park


1 This styler is designed with both Super Plastic pins and Polamide pins. 
2 The Super Plastic row resists heat up to 220 degrees Celsius or 428 degrees Fahrenheit.
3 The Polamide row is for Antistatic. 
4 The Antistatic pins grab and pick up hair sections with ease. 
5 The root of pins is designed with hexagon shaped to allow for faster drying and consistent tension. 
6 Designed with removable pin rows not only for cleaning, but the interior mesh spine can be removed for a softer more comfortable feel against the scalp.
7 The handle is shaped for comfort with ventilation holes that dry hands faster for a better grip.
8 The 11 row pins allow stylist to lift hair from root so it is ideal for volume creation.