The Secret Behind Reverse Teeth Texturizing Scissors 4 Reasons Barbers Swear By Them 

The Secret Behind Reverse Teeth Texturizing Scissors 4 Reasons Barbers Swear By Them 

In the world of hairstyling, barbers are known for their skills, precision, and knack for staying ahead of the game. Among their arsenal of tools, reverse teeth texturizing scissors hold a secret that only a few barbers are privy to. 

In this blog post, we'll uncover the top 4 reasons why some barbers use these unique scissors and how they can enhance their cutting techniques. Let's dive in!



Before we begin our discussion, lets establish a few factors that affect the the way hair sits and moves on your client 

  • The location of where hair grows on their head 
  • The density & texture of hair
  • Gravity

Simply put, in order to achieve the perfectly sculpted haircut for your guest, you’ll have to work with what you have and troubleshoot tricky growth patterns and cowlicks, among other things. 

Let's Compare the difference between Regular Teeth and Reverse Teeth. 

Texturizing scissors in general are a powerful tool for manipulating and taming some of nature’s natural movements.

Most of us were introduced to texturizing scissors in hair-school with their purpose being to remove bulk while creating lift and volume. Regular tooth scissors (the comb blade is on the bottom) do this by notching out hairs from the bottom blade, making them shorter. 

Since short hairs push longer hairs, when a barber uses the scissor over comb technique with texturizers, the result can be counterproductive for creating a seamless blend as it will add unwanted lift, preventing hair from flowing, which is most needed on the temporal sides of the head. 


Reverse Teeth - Game Changer #1 - More Control 

Remember when we said short hair pushes long hair? Well, what if we reversed the teeth? Now, when a barber uses the scissors over comb technique for blending, instead of creating lift and volume, reverse teeth texturizing scissors like the Schorem Master Blending, produce shorter hairs from the top layer of the section instead of the bottom. Since short hair pushes longer hairs, this top angle instantly creates texture and separation internally, allowing short hair to lay flatter against longer strands, resulting in a less ‘puffy, more controlled, and refined look.

Reverse Teeth - Game Changer #2 - Go Faster

With regular scissors, barbers often have to switch between different tools to achieve seamless transitions. However, reverse teeth scissors allow them to blend the hair as they cut, accomplishing two steps in one smooth motion. This saves time and helps barbers deliver impeccable results without sacrificing speed.

Reverse Teeth - Game Changer #3 - A Better Haircut that Performs for Your Client

Reverse teeth texturizing scissors are designed to remove bulk from the interior of the hair rather than the exterior. This technique ensures that the haircut remains refined and structured while reducing the risk of creating choppy or uneven layers. The end result is a precise and well-shaped haircut that clients will love. Moreover, this is important because it will allow the client to maintain and style their hair at home with ease between visits to the barbershop, as the shape will continue to work for your client. Clients will rave because they feel that the haircut ‘lasts’ longer. 

Reverse Teeth - Game Changer #4 - Time-Saving Techniques for Barber's Hand Health

Barbers frequently perform repetitive movements that can lead to strain and discomfort in their hands. By using reverse teeth texturizing scissors, they can employ time-saving techniques that make their work smarter, not harder. The specialized teeth on these scissors allow for efficient bulk removal, reducing the number of repetitive cuts needed. As a result, barbers can save time and minimize hand fatigue, enabling them to focus on delivering excellent cuts while preserving their own physical well-being.

Reverse teeth texturizing scissors hold a secret that sets some barbers apart from the rest. By understanding the benefits they offer, including the ability to increase efficiency and blending, maintain shape, and save time, barbers can elevate their craft to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned barber looking to improve the way your cuts, or want to improve your speed and accuracy, you will surely appreciate the benefits of reverse teeth texturizing scissors in creating exceptional haircuts.

Not sure which reverse teeth scissors are best for your cutting style?
Book a virtual consultation or an in-person test drive to help you get fitted for scissors. 

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