Mizutani provides a lifetime warranty on every Mizutani product purchased from us. All Mizutani products are hand made in Japan, part by part for the best durability and performance.

Mizutani products are designed and made from top quality steel to provide longevity and has the ability to be sharpened over and over. Mizutani scissors that have been damaged by a non-authorized sharpener, poorly maintained, misused or over-worn will not be covered.

  • Mizutani scissors have extremely sharp blades. Note that the blades may chip easily when you first start using them, so avoid cutting thick bundles of hair and do not loosen the screw until the blades have time to round slightly.
  • We recommend that you conduct regular maintenance to extend the length of your scissors' useful life. Always return your scissors to ask for sharpening and adjustments.
  • If the screw becomes loose during use, tighten it using the included screwdriver or the disc driver


When handling Mizutani Scissors made from Nano Powder Metal 

Nano Powder Metal products have an extremely sharp cutting angle that ensures the full use of the uniqueness of the steel.  When first using the scissors, cutting thick bundles of hair or loosening the screw may cause the edge of the blades to chip and should be avoided.

When handling +wood & +carbon Mizutani Scissors

  • Do not drop or allow the products to sustain heavy impact.
  • Do not allow water or perm solutions to adhere to the product; if such occurs, wipe the scissors off and store the product in a dry area.
  • Do not apply heated air from a hairdryer or store the product in a location with elevated temperatures. Heat may cause the scissors to deform or may cause other failures.

When handling ion-plated Mizutani Scissors

  • The coating may become discoloured if a perm solution, etc., adheres to the coating. If such substances come in contact with the product, wipe it off and store in a dry area.
  • This product is ion-plated. Please note that the coating may peel off if scratched deeply.

When handling Cosine

  • As the product has a powerful magnet inside, do not sterilize it in boiling water.
  • Do not place the product close to mobile phones or other electronic devices.
  • Do not use the product for any purposes other than for cutting head hair.
  • We recommend that you replace the cutting blade after use with each customer.

Warranty and after-sales service

MIZUTANI guarantees all of its products. If you are not satisfied with the quality or are otherwise dissatisfied with the performance of the product within 10 days from receiving the product, please return it to the dealer where you purchased
the product, and we will replace or repair the product. If it is impossible to replace the product, we will refund the purchase price of the product. Please note that you will be charged the actual cost for re-sharpening or for the repair of wear or damage resulting from the use of the product.

For extending the useful life of your Mizutani Scissors.

  1. Do not over-loosen the screw. (First, tighten the screw securely and then loosen it slowly. The optimum tightness occurs when the handle slowly closes about 1/4 of the way when you open the scissors while holding one of the handles.)
  2. Frequently oil the backside of the blades and the screw.
  3. If you have applied too much oil, wipe off the excess using a chamois, etc. (It is effective to use the MIZUTANI original maintenance kit.)
  4. Do not store the scissors in a leather case. Store the scissors in a dry, well-ventilated location.
  5. If the blades become dull or if you drop the scissors and chip the blade, your scissors will last longer if you quickly send them out for re-sharpening and adjustment rather than overusing them in a worn or damaged condition.