YS PARK YS-452 Cutting Comb 190mm

Colour: Carbon
Sale price$52



Cutting Comb


1 The wider spacing between the teeth is perfect when doing a rough cut.
2 The teeth of the comb are round and large, so that the tension is reduced.
3 The light weight of the comb and ridges on the back provide a firm grip and comfort for long use.
4 The top tooth is shortened to make parting the hair easier.
5 Rounded teeth tips are very gentle on the scalp.
6 Made of super plastic, which will prevent chemicals from services from penetrating into, and damaging the comb.
7 Y.S. Park uses an extremely durable plastic, which will not melt or get damaged due to high heat or friction.
8 Texturized plastic gives a natural soft touch, similar to the feeling of natural leather.
9 Holes were made at 1 cm intervals for use as a measuring instrument. The 1cm distance between the holes in the spine of the comb allow for greater flexibility thus reducing tension on the scalp. However, strong teeth allow easy and smooth combing of the hair.




Color:Red/White/Carbon Black

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