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Mizutani Scissors - ACRO New Beak LEFTY


Thinner · Lighter · Stronger

This BEAK is enhanced with 

Nano Powder Metal technology.


Mizutani Scissors Canada New BEAK

Engineered for precise cuts

ACRO New Beak has been redesigned with a thin Nano powder Metal USUBA blade, allowing for precision lines to be cut with accuracy and sharpness. Its slim profile is perfect for short hairstyles and delicate detailing around the face and ears. Furthermore, it boasts a High-durability Precision Ball Bearing for a smoother open and close.

 Mizutani Scissors Canada New Beak

MIZUTANI's New BEAK was created in collaboration with Alan and Reece Beak, the founders of RUGER. Barber in the UK. The New BEAK is a hybrid product, merging the expertise of barbers with the latest hairstyling trends.
The new ACRO New BEAK features the advanced material "Nano Powder Metal USUBA". Additionally, its superior precision cutting capabilities have been further enhanced with the use of a high-durability precision ball bearing for improved opening and closing.
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Men’s Precision Cut is an advanced haircut technique from the UK that is now being adopted globally. It focuses on providing precise cutting result with a customized styling, through careful sectioning and following the natural contours of the head. Fade clipper cutting are still popular but the demand for softer, more natural textures is growing. Men’s Precision Cut delivers a beautiful, easy-to-style result.

A precise detail tool for precise hair designs.
New BEAK from MIZUTANI is the narrowest and thinnest model in their current range of scissors. It has been designed to emulate the shape of a bird’s beak for style and functionality. Its thin blades offer precision and sharp cuts, perfect for shorter hairstyles or more detailed work on men’s hair such as beards and around the ears.
Acro New BEAK ensures that even the finest details of hair designs can be crafted. It is an indispensable tool for the modern stylist.
Mizutani Scissors Canada NEW Beak
"The scissor should feel like an extension of my own hand, almost like it's a part of me.” Alan Beak
Mizutani Scissors Canada PAM Project Artistic Members
Mizutani Scissors Canada NEW BEAK

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Alan and Reece Beak, brothers from Manchester, founded RUGER. in 2014 after 18 years in the hairstyling industry. They have a strong foundation in classical Italian barbering techniques, and have furthered their expertise by studying ladies hairdressing and Afro-Caribbean barbering. The Beaks continuously strive for innovation, creating efficient and precise cuts and styles that consistently exceed expectations. “We are the people’s barbers and the barber’s barbers.”


 Nano Powder Metal USUBA

Our Nano Powder Metal®, manufactured via Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), is a specialized steel fabricated from nano-level powder. This powder is subjected to intense heating and pressure tempering, eliminating unnecessary filler and impurities. Used to produce precision items like Blu-ray disc molds, it demands exceptionally high levels of purity. At MIZUTANI SCISSORS, we conducted our own research into this material to create the perfect hair-scissors: strong blades that maintain sharpness and longevity.
Mizutani Scissors Canada Ball Bearing Icon
These high-precision metal ball bearings are produced in Japan and boast superior anti-corrosion characteristics compared to foreign-made items. With decreased friction around the screws, they lessen strain on the hands while also protecting the blade from damage, resulting in a longer operational lifespan.

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