Color: Silver
Size: 5.0
Hand Position: Right
Sale price$980


Mizutani Scissors - BLACK-SMITH Fit


Mizutani Scissors Canada Black Smith Fit

The innovative BLACK-SMITH Fit is designed with a triangular and angled finger hole that fits almost any hand. Made of the best cobalt/molybdenum stainless steel alloy and crafted Hamaguri edge, these scissors cut with that true “buttery” feel that is the standard for all other Mizutani scissors. 


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An ergonomic handle with triangular design finger inserts that fits comfortably in anyone's hands.
The triangular handle construction of the BLACK-SMITH Fit scissors provides two-sided support for the fingers, allowing for a stable cutting experience for users of any finger size. Designed for blunt cuts, this pair of scissors is ideal for those trying to find their first pair. The triangle grip makes it perfect for everyone.

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The unique EXTRAMARISE® heat treatment was developed by MIZUTANI and was designed specifically for hair cutting scissors. It is a result of extensive research and data collected over many years. Different alloys of the same metal can vary greatly in their performance depending on the heat treatment used. To enhance the special properties of the rare metals (cobalt, molybdenum, vanadium, etc.) incorporated in our products, MIZUTANI has undertaken a comprehensive heat treatment process, including hardening, tempering, and sub-zero processing. EXTRAMARISE® processing is the optimal temperature to unlock the best qualities of the materials and craft a strong, exceptional blade suitable for hair cutting scissors.

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