BLACK-SMITH Matelite-Q Lite

Color: Silver
Size: 5.5
Hand Position: Right
Sale price$910


Mizutani Scissors - BLACK-SMITH Matelite-Q Lite


Mizutani Scissors Black Smith matelite q quicksilver Handle

A hug for your hand.

Eyes are quickly drawn to the hands of hardworking professionals, even if they're not perfect to look at. However, many hair designers suffer from hand-related issues like calluses and carpal tunnel due to prolonged use of scissors. This inspired us to create the MATELITE-Q series, which were designed with a user-friendly, ergonomic fit for those with hand fatigues. With these scissors, hair designers can keep working comfortably for years to come.

Mizutani Scissors Black Smith matelite q quicksilver

Mizutani Scissors Canada cobaltalloy1 Logo
The unique EXTRAMARISE® heat treatment was developed by MIZUTANI and was designed specifically for hair cutting scissors. It is a result of extensive research and data collected over many years. Different alloys of the same metal can vary greatly in their performance depending on the heat treatment used. To enhance the special properties of the rare metals (cobalt, molybdenum, vanadium, etc.) incorporated in our products, MIZUTANI has undertaken a comprehensive heat treatment process, including hardening, tempering, and sub-zero processing. EXTRAMARISE® processing is the optimal temperature to unlock the best qualities of the materials and craft a strong, exceptional blade suitable for hair cutting scissors.
Mizutani Scissors Canada Resin Bearing
Crafted with a specialized resin material, these bearings are delicately shaved one-by-one, providing a smooth and flexible cutting experience. This enhances the lifespan of our scissors and screws, plus ensures a pleasant user experience. 


Mizutani Scissors Canada organic icon
The handles feature an organic appearance that resists metallic sheen. It's sculpted, curved shape provides the cozy feel of natural material, curving and clinging to the finger's shape like a welcomed embrace.
Mizutani Scissors Canada Disk Driver Icon
This flat type driver for UFO screws is designed to be compact and easy to maneuver. It is included with all scissors with the Mizutani Scissors marked logo.


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