Takara Belmont Classic Barber Chair (225NJ) With Headrest

Chair Base: With Headrest
Headrest: Chrome
Upholstery Option: UPHOLSTERY: BLACK [NL5]
Sale price$6,800


*Expect 2-3 Weeks Delivery Time

This Takara Belmont Classic Barber Chair (225NJ) comes with the Black Headrest


Originally introduced in 1961 the 225 Classic remains the most popular and imitated men’s barber chair in the world. Solid aluminum castings, spring-loaded seat and back provide the comfort and style that has served barbers for almost 60 years. Designed to provide long-lasting comfort for clients and reliability for the barber or stylist.

  • Shown on the optional MEW white electric-hydraulic base and optional headrest
  • 360º lockable rotation
  • Side levers on backrest allow easy operation of recline mechanism
  • Cast aluminum footrest with adjustable support leg
  • Available in standard black or red upholstery, or choose from upgraded upholstery selection


FEATURESBarber Chair Takara Belmont Features reclining

Comfortable reclining angles (reclining: 30° to upright: 75°)

Barber Chair Takara Belmont Cushion

The ergonomic features provide both comfort and stability

Barber Chair Takara Belmont ArmrestsUpholstered padded armrests and integrated gown rail

Barber Chair Takara Belmont FootrestBelmont-branded footrest with stopper

Side Dimensions:

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