SWORD Dama Integral LEFTY

Color: Silver (Allow 12 weeks)
Size: 5.7
Type: D-17 (Micro-Bevel Edge)
Sale price$4,340


Mizutani Scissors - SWORD Dama Integral LEFTY


Mizutani Scissors Canada Dama alloy structureMizutani's SWORD Dama Integral LEFTY is a synthesis of both cutting-edge technology and centuries-old craftsmanship. The Damascus steel of the Persian Empire was renowned for its combination of durability, strength, and stunning layered patterns, reminiscent of a flowing river. Now, Mizutani has recreated this legendary forging process using patented CMC micro-powder steel. The result is a range of unique instruments that excel in quality and beauty. The SWORD Dama  Integral LEFTY models are made with Damascus CMC micro powder steel, combined with Mizutani's high-quality stainless steel handles, to create a more accessible pair of scissors. 

Mizutani Scissors Canada Dama alloy LOGO

The unique designed pattern was formed from strong steel.

SWORD Dama is composed of two unique types of micro-powders, Powder Damascus Alloy and a patented fabrication process. All components, including the internal blade, are crafted from an incredibly dense micro-powder steel. Our advanced technology has enabled both blade materials to attain identical hardnesses, while the alloy composition ensures long-term sharpness.
The distinctive “DAMA” pattern is not a surface decoration but a result of our special processing, via our special treatment. Each blade, even its reverse side, offers proof that the components are precision-made from the same steel.

Mizutani Scissors Canada Dama Powder Alloy LOGO
DAMA® (Powder Damascus Alloy/patented manufacturing) consists of two fine-grained powders with varying components of powdered steel. The complex production process creates a super-high-density form with a uniform Damascus steel composition on both sides and inside. An international patent protects this labor-intensive process, which includes the special hardening of high molybdenum and chromium alloys to the same hardness. This ensures long-term sharpness and cutting performance. A proprietary treatment also enhances the ripple patterns in DAMA®, giving it an exquisite appearance with superior strength—used for our DAMA® series.
Mizutani Scissors Canada carbon bearing LOGO
The bearings are made of a carbon-infused resin that provides superior friction resistance and durability; multiple pieces are housed within the swivel screw to create a balanced and silky opening and closing action.
Mizutani Scissors Canada Resin Bearing
Crafted with a specialized resin material, these bearings are delicately shaved one-by-one, providing a smooth and flexible cutting experience. This enhances the lifespan of our scissors and screws, plus ensures a pleasant user experience.
Mizutani Scissors Canada organic icon
The handles feature an organic appearance that resists metallic sheen. It's sculpted, curved shape provides the cozy feel of natural material, curving and clinging to the finger's shape like a welcomed embrace.

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