Takara Belmont Classic Barber Chair (225N) - Motorized Electric White Base (MEW)

Upholstery Options: Without Headrest
Piping Options: UPHOLSTERY: MYSTIC WHITE [Challenger 602]
Headrest: PIPING: MYSTIC WHITE [Challenger 602]
Sale price$8,920


Takara Belmont Classic Barber Chair (225N) - Motorized Electric White Base (MEW)

*Headrest Sold Separately.

*SPECIAL ORDER Expect 12-16 Weeks Delivery Time.

This Takara Belmont Classic Barber Chair (225N) comes with the Motorized Electric White Base (MEW).

Takara Belmont MEW White Motorized Electric Base Barber Chair



Takara Belmont MEW Base Up Takara Belmont MEW Base Down

Motorized Hydraulic Base. Chrome base plate with White pump cover and black base ring. Subtly refined with a sleeker, more modern look, the ME bases offer a smooth and comfortable experience for the client while delivering optimum access and maneuverability for the stylist or barber. Quicker than a traditional hydraulic base, this new motorized option optimizes your time and effort in the salon. Covered by Takara Belmont’s 10-year Hydraulic Pump Warranty, see your distributor for details. Lift: Approx. 8”.

FEATURESBarber Chair Takara Belmont Features reclining

Comfortable reclining angles (reclining: 30° to upright: 75°)

Barber Chair Takara Belmont Cushion

The ergonomic features provide both comfort and stability

Barber Chair Takara Belmont ArmrestsUpholstered padded armrests and integrated gown rail

Barber Chair Takara Belmont FootrestBelmont-branded footrest with stopper

Side Dimensions:

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